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ITDA Group Entry Level Scuba-Diving



Our Unique Programs

Entry Level Diving Programs from ITDA Group. To suit your needs for time, budget and excitement.
We offer a unique series of training, certification and experience options.
Safer – More Training and More FUN!


You may choose from:

  • Experience Scuba – Entry Level Diver (from just 1/2 a day 3-4 hrs with two(2) dives under professional supervision. You can take the theory class for this level for free from us.
  • Entry Level “Scuba Diver” and Junior Scuba Diver.
  • Resort Diver (Warm Water Program), from 2-3 days, with 4-6 Open water dives and 8hrs of theory, self-study and classroom or e-learning package.
  • 2**Star Diver (Cold Water Training Program) from 4-5 days, with 6-8 open water dives, 10-12 hrs of theory, self-study and classroom or e-learning package.
  • Club Diving (International Club System) Divers can learn, train and get certified in our unique Club System using our International standards. Benefits include: paying over a period of time, regular practice sessions and Club Upgrade program.
  • ITDA Sports Diver Program, from 3-4 days, maybe completed as Warm or Cold water certification with 6 Open Water Dives and 10-12 hrs of theory, self-study and classroom or e-learning package.


Experience Program


About ITDA Group Unique Experience Scuba

We offer scuba experience from just 1/2 day 3-4 hours, with 1-2 dives, plus safety skills training, basic dive theory up to 1 day, 2-3 dives. Depending on your time and budget. Plus all of our “Experience Programs”, dives and training are available as a Credit to upgrade to higher levels and International Certifications.

Many dive centres and Instructors offer a low cost “Experience Dive” for people who have had no previous experience, and these short or day courses normally offer No Certification options.

But here at ITDA we decided to produce a low cost alternative which offers a limited, “Certification”, valid for 2 years to upgrade at at later date and time when you are ready.

You may upgrade directly to Sports Diver or take an Intermediate path to Resort Diver or 2**Star diver (Cold Water) this means that your investment in time and money in your “Experience Dive” is always working towards your goal. To gain more experience because experienced divers are SAFER Divers and we all want to be SAFER divers.

Book now through email at: torgrim.holte@itdascandinavia.com


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