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Welcome to the NEW Dynamic and exciting ITP Instructor Training Program(s) from ITDA Group International.


We’ve designed a new series of exciting and very challenging Instructor programs with more classroom time, more in-water training time and more diving and skills assessments.


Do You Qualify?


Do You Qualify to attend an ITDA Group – Instructor Training Program? or are you interested in becoming a Resort or International Club or Sports Instructor. If you meet the requirements below you can qualify to apply for instructor training at Resort or Club or Sports Scuba Diving Instructor International Levels:

  • Do you have more then 2 years diving experience? (Or just 6 months to 1 year for Resort Instructor from working dive master or equal experience)
  • Do you have a desire and willingness to teach others and to share your experiences and passion for diving?
  • Do you feel that you could cope with the responsibility?
  • Have you attained a minimum of Rescue Diver or Dive Master / Dive Con or equal level in your agency system? (Dive Master or Equal for Sports instructor/ Rescue Diver or equal for Resort Instructor.)
  • Do you have over 75 Dives or more Experience? (minimum required for Resort Instructor ITP or 100+ dives experience for our Sports Instructor ITP.)
  • Are you at least 18 years old?
  • Are you good at or interested in studying Advanced dive theory?

If you have answered YES! to all of these, you may apply to take our pre-instructor training pack, which includes all of the theory and materials you will need for your ITP and when you feel you are ready you can complete our on-line our pre-instructor exam.

Plus a New ITP Qualifying Process based on experience, training and certification from any agency and a NEW Pre-ITP Exam which means that the ITDA Group – ITP is all about spending more time training you to be a good instructor and NOT about preparing you for a final exam/test… or quiz… Some agencies spend whole days on a final exam. You are paying for this time so we want you to get the most of it!


Pre-Qualifying for Instructor Training


This Unique ITP Sports Instructor package contains:


  • History and International Development of ITDA Group
  • Our Unique Higher Training Standards & Quiz/Exam
  • HQ Marketing & Training Support
  • New Reduced Administration for Instructors
  • New Training Materials plus, Web Support for Training & Education
  • Minimum of 6 Classroom Presentations
  • Minimum of 4 Confined Water Training Sessions
  • Minimum of 6 Open Water Training Sessions
  • 4 ITDA Specialist Instructor Ratings: Navigation / Wreck / Deep / Nitrox
  • IHMP/ITDA Dive Medic Instructor Rating
  • Ntech Instructor from Basic to Advanced Nitrox
  • Pre-ITP Exam / Quiz Available Online or as a Distance Learning Quiz

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