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Club diving with ITDA Norway – 2014


(International Technical Diving Agency) has one internationally recognized training system for divers in all categories from sports / leisure diving to professional commercial diving at great depths with the use of diving bells (See for more information about ITDA) .

We would like to offer the following sports / leisure diving offers to existing Norwegian diving clubs:

  • Weekly pool training; – Training on life-saving drills and testing / adaptation oftheir own equipment (for members) , snorkeling and SCUBA-try dives, with an instructor/diveleader, for others  visiting the swimming pool (recruitment / youth work)
  • Training and certification of 2 Star Divers – including drysuit (4 students in the pool and 2 in the open sea as instructor / Diveleader with surface support)
  • Refresher Dive and ” Cross -over ” to the ITDA , with instructor (2 students per instructor / diveleader in the open sea)
  • Freediver / snorkel – course
  • Special training / certification; – Drysuit – Photo / video – Wreck Dives , Nitrox (max 40%) , – Night dive (and more as our expertise rises)
  • Guidance on purchase of own equipment, both new and used

Further training and certifications by ITDA Scandinavia in La Nucia Spain v / Torgrim Holte, Puerto Rico v / Lorcan .  and other ITDA learning institutions.

Club instructor:

Name , Jon Terje Viken (Norway)

Address ; Hestehovstien 13D , 2052 Jessheim , Norway


ITDA no: 1137005


  • Rune Folkedal (Vestfold)
  • Mona Johannessen (Oslo / Akershus)
  • Anita Hansen (Hordaland)
  • Vegard Valsø Mathisen (Troms)


Divesites for courses:

Pool :

  • Råholt bath / Allergot school / Algarheim School / Nordby school (not confirmed).

Open Sea :

  • Svestad pier (east of the Oslo fjord)
  • Sjøstrand (west of Oslo fjord)

two options due to weather / wind etc.

Arrange day/weekend trips in eastern Norway :

  • Wreck / natural dives in different locations from land and boat (anywhere from
  • Fresh water divetrips to Klartjern in Østfold , Lyngstølvatnet mm.

Arranging trips abroad :

  • Spain Costa Blanca
  • Egypt
  • Thailand
  • Gran Canaria etc …


5 full SCUBA – diving equipment and necessary accessories

1 boat – Rib

Air filling – Sessvollmoen Paintball field / Clubs / local dive shops

Nitrox filling – local dive shops.


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