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 New ITDA Group International Scandinavia

ITDA Group International Scandinavia

We present to you Torgrim Holte from Norway. He is the NEW Regional Manager for the Scandinavian region, ITDA Group International License holder as Master Distributor.

Authorisation is given to him to operate ITDA Group Training & Certification Programs, to Market and sell ITDA Materials and Courses.

We are very happy to welcome him as the first Manager for Scandinavia and welcome him to the ITDA Group International family.

To contact him directly please mail: torgrim.holte@itdascandinavia.com

Torgrim Holte Qualifications



  • Recue Diver PADI

  • Medic PADI

  • Divemaster PADI

  • Rescue Diver ITDA

  • Diveleader ITDA

  • Resort Instructor ITDA

  • 2 Starts Instructor ITDA

  • Sports Instructor ITDA

  • Advanced Sports Instructor ITDA

  • Ntech 40 Instructor ITDA

  • Specialty Instructor 40 plus Specialities ITDA

  • IHMP Instructor Trainer

  • Sports Trainer Designated

  • Assessor ITDA Clubs Scandinavia

  • My limits / Titles in the Scandinavia Clubsystem

  • IHMP Instructor Trainer

  • Nitrox Instructor Trainer

  • Assessor ITDA Scandinavia

  • Main Scandinavian Trainer Instructor

  • Drysuit Instructor Trainer

  • Limited Visibility Instructor Trainer

  • Wreck Instructor Trainer Penetration/ and Surroundings


    About ITDA Group International Inc. Ltd. Who are we?

    The ITDA Group International were formed in 2010 from the ITDA – International Technical Diving Agency Ltd. A UK (UK HSE Government Approved Certification Agency) an International Training and Certification Agency in business since 2002 and formerly the ETDA Ltd. European Technical Diving Agency (Founded by Steve Murray in 1998 in the Canary Islands, operating as ITDA Group SCP.).

    From 2004 the International Technical Diving Agency expanded to create the SDA Sports Diving Agency (Which became a separate Limited UK Company in 2007, along with IHMP Medical and First Aid traing which evolved with the original ETDA Ltd.

    2012 ITDA Group Logo green

    ITDA Group International

    In 2010 we decided to restructure our global business into a New format that could survive the World recession and offer higher quality training and certification programs at a very competitive price. So we incorporated our Sports, Technical and Medical/First Aid Training businesses into one corporation to produce greater resources and at less costs. We also incorporated our highly successful Occupational and Public Safety Diver Training into the ITDA Group International.

    International Development.

    With International partners around the World like Torgrim in Norway, we now operate in 45 Countries and have over 24,000 Members worldwide.

    We have Never Heard of ITDA Group.

    This is not surprising as we have grown and developed with exclusive dive centre and Instructor relationships and we have always had a policy of exclusive operations and not directly competing with agencies like PADI. This simply means that you will not find 20 ITDA Group Dive Stores or Instructor in a small area competing for business.

    This offers us a strong market advantage as we are not seen as one of the sell students in, and then ship them out the door.

    Our Training and Certifications are valued highly as our students learn about diving and practice skills to a safer, higher standard, and this have been our strenght.



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