Junior Scuba Diver Certifications

About ITDA Group Junior Diver Levels

The area of Junior Diver training is a difficult one and the ITDA Group comply with National Standards and International Standards where they apply.

However, many Countries do not have standards refering to training junior divers and in these cases we follow the National Federation Guidelines or adopt guideline from other Countries.

We have two standards systems:

1. Our UK Standards, following UK HSE Guidelines and…

2. Our International Standards. (With compliance for Country / National Federation standards.)

We offer a unique diver experience program for Children called the “Underwater Explorer” programs.  These are training levels leading to certification after the minimum age for certification is reached.


Underwater Explorer

Junior divers from age 8 years to 13 years may join an explorer training program.  The standards are simple and flexible based on the environmental and learning needs of the child.  (in many cases we even meet and work with Junior School Curriculum for Science and Social Studies)

The children learn the following basic skills:

  • To understand the principles of Buoyancy
  • To understand the basic principles of Physics relating to diving
  • To understand how diving equipment works
  • To learn about different marine environments & Eco Systems
  • Basics of Conservation and Protection of Marine Eco Systems
  • To use Scuba appropriate for their size maximum depth 1.5m
  • Correct use and practice of Mask and Fins
  • Basic Life Saving Skills
  • Local Area Fish and General Fish Indentification
  • Marine Life Hazards and Dangers

The training programs may be started on a vacation / holiday and continued back at home with Internet study and combining school work with diving interests.  (It’s a great way to actually get children interested in Science and Physics and even math.)

ITDA Group Junior Diver

Our Junior Diver Certifications from 13 years to 15 years, follow the same standards for the adult levels with exceptions on standards for Depth limits and help with equipment or specialist smaller cylinders and smaller regulators.  Other than this, the skills and training are the same, and the theory knowledge is the same.

Upgrade from Junior Level

The upgrade from Junior Diver is available from the 15th Birthday and is an automatic process.  All the juior diver has to do is apply to change their card.

ITDA Group Club Diver

Our Club Diver Program is designed to progress Junior Divers through the ITDA Group Education and Certification System from 8 years to adult. Click on the Pic.

Our Club Diving system follows our International Standards, so levels are interchangeable.
United Kingdom – ITDA Group UK Specialist Junior Diver Training Facilities Include:  Scuba2000 on the South Coast. Uckfield, Near Brighton.

See:  www.scuba2000.uk.org  For more details.

International Junior Diving avialable from many ITDA Group Resort Centres and in Europe from:  www.topdiving.net  and from ITDA Group in Poland.

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