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What is Technical Diving?


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Technical Diving has no simple definition but generally refers to types or styles of diving beyond the recreational normal safe diving limits of 30m / 100ft. and is generally accepted in the worldwide diving industry to be diving with Nitrox mixes above 40% Oxygen and also for diving on Air or mixed gases below 40m / 132ft.

The obvious hazards of these types of diving and the associated “Specialist Diving Certification” areas of: Environmental Challenges like. Overhead / Cave / Wreck / and ICE diving and also using mixed gases like Trimix and high grade, high oxygen content for rapid / acceleration of Decompression for very deep diving all require a very high degree of specialist training and specialist safety procedures and advanced knowledge levels in Dive Planning, Physiology and Dive Physics.

This is why we adopt an attitude of “SAFETY FIRST”. If we add to the above mix of the worldwide growth in interest in both sports and Technical use of Rebreathers both SCR and CCR Units.

We can see a very long future for the need of high quality, high standards in training agencies like ITDA Group International. We also acknowledge the very high standards and groundbreaking work of agencies like IANTD and TDI. in the USA and around the World.


Bridging the Gap – Sports to Tech


ITDA Group are Bridging the gap between Technical and Sports Diving with our unique Ntech Programs from Any agency Open Water or ITDA Resort or 2*star Diver to Ntech – Diver Link Ntech Nitrox.

Nitrox -From Basic 32 & 36 Mixes to 40% Sports Maximum and then on to Advanced Nitrox with Decompression on Ntech Nitrox to 80%-99% Oxygen.
We have also created some very special training materials for our unique three stage Ntech Nitrox programs from Level 1 Bronze, to Level 2 Silver (40%) and level 3. Tech Ntech to 99% Oxygen for accelerated decompression and safer deep diving on air. To make the best value for money possible all three Ntech Levels are in Just One Manual.


ITDA Group Technical Training Programs


For On-line Training and Module Course Materials Link here


Sports Divers Upgrade & Crossover


ITDA are offering Sports divers the unique opportunity to cross over and upgrade any agency Nitrox certification to ITDA Ntech Advanced Nitrox (Silver Level 40%) and we will give you 33% off the cost of the course materials on line.. Please email us for a voucher code and instructions on how to use it.
What has ITDA Group Done to develop Safer Technical Diving:

  • Creating our Ntech Nitrox Programs as entry Level Technical programs for sports divers – Bridging the Gap between Sports and Technical Diving.
  • Creating entry level Trimix Training Programs.
  • Creating and developing Occupational & Public Safety Diving Programs with partners.
  • Developing Safer yet ever more challenging technical training.
  • Creating and Developing Unique Technical Leadership and Instructor Training Programs.


Technical Crossovers & Upgrades


We offer Technical Divers from any agency the ability to Cross over and upgrade by taking an ITDA Technical Certification Program and we will do two things for you.

  1. We will offer you a 33% Discount on your on-line training materials for download. Plus.
  2. We will issue you with an equal ITDA Level and cross you over for FREE! You will pay ONLY for your course program, training materials (with Discount) and your upgrade certification. Some agencies ask you to pay a crossover fee first!
  3. Technical Professionals May Crossover for FREE and receive commissions on students materials sales and Certifications, pay only a small registration fee.


Technical Diving is of course much more expensive than Sports Diving. Why?


The cost of training and equipment for technical diving MUST be higher than that of Sports diver training, simply because of the additional safety standards required, plus the need for and dependence on much more expensive equipment. If you try to buy inexpensive technical equipment or adapt sports equipment for technical diving you may end up serious injured or dead!

For On-line Training and Module Course Materials Link here


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