Entry Level Scuba Diver

Entry Level Scuba Diver
From no previous experience to Scuba Diver!

This unique ITDA Group training program is available at dive centres and from ITDA Group Instructors and Training professionals Worldwide. And also available in Some Schools and Colleges, under our “ITDA International Club System”.

The training is very simple, easy and it is designed to get you very quickly into the water to begin enjoying the experience of being underwater and swimming safely with the marine life, wherever you may be.

We also offer Club Diving and are developing International relations with dive centres, schools and colleges to offer our unique “Club Diver Programs”, see ITDA Club System – Junior Scuba Diver

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Unique Benefits

    • ITDA Entry Level Scuba Program from 1/2 Day Certification Course Program to a full day
    • 1, 2 or 3 Scuba Dives may be included
    • 1 or more training dive sessions may be included
    • Certification includes: ITDA Membership
    • Credits are given for both training and dives for up to 2 years for upgrade programs
    • Entry Level Scuba Divers may upgrade to Resort, 2**Star or Sports Diver

These are just some of the most important benefits, there are many more.

You decide how? When and Where you complete training.

With the ITDA Entry Level Scuba Diver Program – You are in Control!

Our training is flexible and offers you more opportunities to complete your training at your convenience then any other program of its kind from any other agency.
You can complete training on vacation/holidays or at home in a Club or anytime / anywhere in the future up to 24 months/2 years.
The Scuba Diver Training is available as a Half Day 3-4hours, 1-2 dives or as a Full day with up to 3 Dives Included. And is a “A Certification Program”, registered with ITDA Group International HQ.
Unique ITDA Group Limited Offer. “FREE” Beginner / entry level training video to download, just send us an email requesting the secure link to admin@diveitda.org

Entry Level Scuba Program Includes:

    • Simple and Fun Video Instruction or Presentation
    • Learn to Dive Workbook and Training Presentation(On-Line Special Offers; See Column right. Unique Offer!)
    • Instructional Support from ITDA Professionals
    • The Safest and Highest Standards
    • Certification as “Entry Level Scuba Diver”
    • Credit for Upgrade path to next level(s)

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Special Offer

Very Special Offer. You buy the Entry Level Scuba Workbook and training presentation in Flash format, Normal Price is $29.99 USD. Including ITDA Group Serial Index for Certification.

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