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Our ITDA Group World-wide business is growing rapidly and this region is a natural progression for our future growth but we cannot do it alone.

We need local partners who understand the market, so we can be sure to be competitive and productive from day one.

ITDA Group strategy has always been to develop business with local professionals and “Hit the Ground Running”, with all of our ventures and operations our local partners play a very large part in our success.

ITDA Group Difference and Market Share

We are very different from the majority of other agencies, in both our approach to market and in our operations. These differences will offer a major advantage as to how much market share we can gain over our more traditional competition.

We offer:

  • International Standards
  • UK HSE Standards Approval
  • ISO Standards & Compliance
  • Sports Diver Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • Technical Diver Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • Medical Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional)
  • Occupational Training and Certification (Entry Level to Professional) Public Safety Diving / Professional Rescue / Research Diving etc.etc.

In addition to the above we also encourage “Multi-Agency” and offer Higher Education with our Certificate and Diploma programs (establishing relationships with college and Universities around the world). We also offer a unique Certification in “Instructional English”, which is a formal Internationally recognised qualification in Teaching issued in association with the LTTC. London Teacher Training College (UK).  See: Higher Education

Please mail us for more info or to register your interest.

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