Public Safety

ITDA Group International Public Safety Diver


About Public Safety Diving

PSD Diving or Public Safety Diving is quite often misunderstood, as it has no place in Recreational diving programs.  PSD is for divers that may be risking their lives in their employment in diving activities.


Public Safety Diving as defined by ITDA Group covers:

  • Diving at work in the Public Interest or as a public servant
  • Fire Service – Search & Rescue – Search & Recovery (Bodies & Vehicles) Flooding victim assistance teams.
  • Police – Underwater Crime Scene Preservation & Recording (ROV) Recovery of Evidence and Bodies / Vehicle Recovery – Drug Search & Sizeure.
  • Military Divers – IED Search & Recovery – UW Inspection – Search & Recovery

Therefore Public Safety Diving is a unique series of specialist diving skills, definitely NOT for Open Water divers or Recreational Divers.

Technical Rescue Diver would be a good entry point or Divers trained to sports diving levels and then retrained in PSD Skills.

Public Safety Diving – Training Modules

  • FFM Full Face Mask & UW Communications
  • Environmental / Hazardous Diving (NOT HAZMAT!)
  • Setting, Laying and using safety and recovery lines with marker buoys
  • Crime Scene Preservation (ROV, Video Camera, from safe distance – Remote Operation and Manual Operation)
    Hull Inspections and Boat clearing
  • Limited Visibility Search & Recovery
  • Body Safe Recovery & Lift/Removal
  • Vehicle Recovery & Safe Lift/Removal
  • Search & Rescue / Search & Recovery UW Operations
  • Accident Management & Dive Medic First Aid (Oxygen and AED included)
  • Managing and Supervising Safe UW Search, Rescue & Recovery Operations (Command & Control)
  • Hard Hat / Surface Supplied Air (for close to shore or inland Operations. Off Shore would require a Diving Tender Vessel)

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