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We begin with our Club Diving System, which was introduced into the ITDA Group Sports and Technical diving training and certification programs from 2006, and was launched from our UK (United Kingdom) office. Our Club System fits perfectly into the ITDA Group family of training and certification as our standards actually are the same.



Learn to Dive / Entry Level Diving


With ITDA Group learning to dive was never safer or more fun. We offer more entry level training programs than any other agency, giving you the maximum choice to decide how, where, when and how much you want to spend / budget for your diving training.

From Club Diving with us in your local pool, to planning to learn to dive on your vacation / holidays any where in the world.

ITDA Group Benefits at Entry Level include: More Theory, More Training & More Practice!

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Sports Diving and Intermediate Levels

From Entry Level programs you have many choices, you can upgrade to the next level (Based on Certification and Experience) or you can take our unique Adventure Diver certification, offering you a taste of our “Specialist Training Programs”.

After that you can become a Rescue Diver. This is our most highly recommened level for those who wish to dive without supervison as we will train you to be self-succificent and build your confidence and competence to a higher level.

At this level we also offer ITDA/IHMP Dive Medic Training with Oxygen and AED First Aid Modules.

Benefits at Intermediate levels include: More Challenging Training and Higher Standards

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Advanced Diving Certifications


ITDA Group Advanced Diving Programs offer safe introduction dives to some very dangerous environments like; Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Deep Diving 30m/100ft. and 40m/132ft. Plus: Advanced Rescue and Introduction to Overhead Environments – Cave – ICE – Wreck Penetration – Caverns. ++ Many more.

Benefits at Advanced Levels include: Real Advanced Diving and More Experience Choices

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Leadership and Specialist Levels


ITDA Group Dive Leader – ITDA Group Specialist Diver / Master Diver

Our Specialist diver program are unique in the industry as most agency will certify you as an “Advanced Specialist Diver with just a few dives”, and unfortuneatley many people are certified as Specialist Divers who know nothing or little about their specialist level. We are different with up to 20 plus theory hours, and 3 levels each with four dives minimum means that an ITDA Group “Specialist Diver”, really is a “Specialist”, and they know their diving.

Once an ITDA Group Diver has 3 Specialist Diving Certifications and is an ITDA Group Advanced Rescue Diver they may become an ITDA Group MASTER DIVER (theory and Training Equal to our Dive Leader but for those who choose not to become an ITDA Group Professional level.

ITDA Group Dive Leader is the first professional membership level of ITDA Group International and offers two direct training paths: 1. Instructional Assistant – Leading Student Divers in Training Program under direction of Instructors or 2. Entry Level Club Instructor. ITDA Group Diver Leaders can do more than any other equal leadership level. An ITDA Group Dive Leader may be an IHMP Dive Medic Istructor / Ntech Nitrox Instructor and a Specialist Instructor for Advanced Divers and level 1. Specialist Diver Programs, they also get credit for joint Certification of students.

Benefits of Dive Leader include: Instructional Assistant and Leading Advanced Training

ITDA Group Professional Levels & Instructor Training

See: ITDA Group Instructor Training Programs

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