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ITDA Group Advanced Diver Program
More Training – More Experience – More Value for money!
Why take Advanced Diver Training?


ITDA Distributor scandinaviaAdvanced diving offers more challenges to our experience level and the opportunity to develop new skills and take an interest in new and exciting diving that was not possible at Sports Scuba level, like deep Diving or wreck diving, or advanced Nitrox, Etc.

Prior to becoming a ITDA Group Advanced Diver or Specialist you MUST have completed Rescue Diver or a training system which includes extensive Rescue Training and Skills. Any divers from any agency from Rescue Levels or above may take this program. And Instructors who are qualified from other agencies may make an Application to ITDA Group HQ to train and Certify these programs with us.

The ITDA Advanced diver program is totally unique in advanced training and offers a flexible and challenging series of specialist diving activities and training designed to set your foundation secure and firm to become a safer and more experienced diver.

ITDA Advanced Diver Training Includes as training modules or optional elective dives:

  • Advanced Buoyancy Workshop
  • Advanced Rescue
  • Deep Diving / Safe Decompression
  • Advanced Navigation
  • Ntech Nitrox or Advanced Nitrox
  • Wreck Diving
  • Night Diving
  • Search & Recovery
  • ECO Reef Diver / Environmental Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • IHMP Oxygen First Aid

Advanced Diving Training Materials On-Line – Link


Advanced Training & Certification


This program is about learning new skills and developing basic ones to greater scope in terms of gaining more diving experience safely under supervision and we hope will lead on to a greater and safer understand of diving.


Unique Standards


ITDA Group are world famous for our higher standards training and this Advanced Diver Program is no exception. See ITDA Standards.

Pre-Requisites: You must be at least 16 years old and ITDA Rescue Diver or “Open Water Diver” or Equal from any agency. But will be required to pass an ITDA Rescue Diver training module and Rescue Assessment from a depth of 20m/66ft. (4 Dives are included in the Rescue upgrade module for Non ITDA Divers) This will take a minimum of three (3) days. The Rescue Theory Manual and Rescue Diver available here online.

Standards Overview:

  • Minimum 8 Open Water Training Dives
  • 2 Dry Certifications (Equipment Specialist & Decompression Theory)
  • IHMP Oxygen First Aid as optional – (Basic CPR Review is Included in Rescue Module)

Elective Dives may Include: Night – Wreck – Reef Eco – Advanced Nitrox – Photography and / or Video See 1A above for full list of Elective Dives.
Timescales: Unique Flexibility in our Advanced Diving program means you may complete the training in stages over a period of time or take a course program from 4 to 5 Days.
Number of Dives: 8 Included in the Program


Advanced Diver Training


  • x2 Dives to 40m/132ft+ Deep & Decompression Practice
  • x2 Dives Navigation & Leading a Dive Team
  • x2 Dives for Search & Recovery (Including a Rescue Dive)
  • x2 Elective Dives from the list above


More than just a Course.


At the successful completion of your training and on your request you may be awarded / receive up to Six(6) specialist diver ratings / certifications at our introduction level 1. You will need to pay a small fee for each specialist certification you want added to your advanced diver level. This is optional. See Specialist Diver


Steps to Professional Levels


From your Advanced Diver status you may become a “Specialist Diver” and 6 Specialist ratings are required to become a Master Diver or Dive Leader / Professional Diver, the first step on the ladder to a rewarding career in Diving. See chart below, click on it to expand it.

ITDA Group offers much more than any other agency for Advanced Diver training.

ITDA Group Sports Diving Levels

ITDA Sports Chart 2011 web

Please click on chart to make it larger.

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