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All ITDA Group Certified divers may join ITDA Group Club Membership for FREE!  See our membership page here for detail of how to simply sign to receive benefits and free deals and Special Offers.  Membership Page.

About our New Certification Cards (From May 1st 2012)

From May 1st. 2012 We are introducing a new series of generic certification cards, covering: Sports Diving – Technical Diving, Medical Training and Professional levels (From Dive Leader to Assessor Examiner.)

The New generic cards are bright, attractive and in full colour, offering underwater scenes and an exciting new variety of customization for our members, as we can still add your underwater photo (with credit) to the new designs for just $25.00 USD extra  or If you would like to update your old ITDA Card offer a replacement card for just $15.00 USD.

For custom cards please visit: ITDA Group HQ cards

Our new Technical diving levels are also now in a generic format offering an exciting and bright format.  With a CCR Tech Diver on all cards.  Individual level cards and also cards with your Tech diving photos can be arranged for a small fee of just $25 USD…   Link above.

ITDA Medical Training / IHMP International Hyperbaric Medical Programs. (Which is now incorporated into the ITDA Group International.) Is also offering a new an exciting generic certification card. To upgrade or change your existing card the fee is just $15.00 USD.

Of Course ITDA Group Professionals are no exception, they also receive a New ITDA Professional Card with the same New Bright Colours and exciting underwater scene.  Making it easier than ever to identify our diving professionals over the competition with their boring single colour cards.

Additional Benefits

Due to the fact that we are producing one card for each certification discipline and not cards for each level we can maintain our prices so no fees increase in 2012…  We can also list up to three certification levels on our New Custom cards…

Added Security

We are still using our unique ITDA Group silver Security Holographic Sticker and the personal details and certification levels are clearly displayed on the rear of the card along with any restrictions for that level.

Check you card / certification is valid here. Verify / Validate Certifications Page

Online ITDA Group Wall Certificates

Technical Diving Certification see green.


IHMP Medical Trainning Certification see red.


Download  your unique ITDA Group security printed design Certificate, from just $14.99 for: Sports Diving – Technical Diving – and Medical Training… And from just $19.99 USD for Professional Levels…

See: ITDA Certificate Downloads

Any questions or inquiries please email us – visit our contact page or link here – 


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